Tuberculosis Control


Tuberculosis is a communicable disease caused by bacteria. It is spread from person to person by respiratory droplets. We work to treat clients with tuberculosis in order to prevent the disease from spreading. We also provide contact investigation and follow-up to individuals who may have been exposed to someone with tuberculosis, in order to prevent spread of the disease.


Testing is provided on a as-needed, walk-in basis. There is a $10 fee for testing as well as the $7 administrative fee to cover supplies.

Case Management

Nurse case managers provide one-on-one attention to clients with latent tuberculosis infection or tuberculosis disease. Clients meet with a nurse case manager on a routine basis during the treatment period to assess the patient’s physical response to the medication and to ensure the medication is taken properly. The treatment period may vary depending upon the client’s individual needs and response to treatment. Clients with a primary healthcare provider or specialist may have their care coordinated through the nurse case manager and their personal physician.


You are eligible for case management, at no cost, if you:


  • Are exposed to a known case of tuberculosis
  • Have tuberculosis disease or latent tuberculosis infection
  • Show symptoms of tuberculosis disease

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