Food Safety Program

Food Safety Program

The Webster County Health Unit’s food safety program seeks to protect residents of and visitors to Webster County from foodborne illness by working with local food establishments, food handlers, caterers and temporary event coordinators to ensure compliance with the 2013 Missouri Food Code. This document provides instruction, guidelines, and requirements on how to safely handle, prepare, and store food to minimize the risk of adulteration and foodborne illness. Click here to follow the link to the Missouri Food Code

It is required for managers on shift to have a completion certificate for a Food Managers Course. According to the 2013 Missouri Food Code, a manager with proper training needs to be on shift at all times that food is being prepared and served to the public. It is highly recommended that all individuals who cook, handle, and/or serve food obtain a certificate in a Food Handlers Safety Class. This  training can be obtained online by going to

Currently, there is not a food ordinance in place for Webster County and food establishment permits/fees are not required. However, Webster County does fall under the State Standards outlined in the 2013 Missouri Food Code and is such held to the regulations stated therein. Prior approval and inspections are required for new food establishments and mobile food vendors will need to complete and submit a Temporary Food Permit. Caterers are also required to have a commercially inspected kitchen if preparing food from their residence. Food banks, public and private school cafeterias, senior centers and all other food establishments fall under the Missouri Food Code as requiring routine safety inspections. Non-profit food vendors do not need to have prior approval to serve food in Webster County.

For more information on the food safety program, contact the Webster County Health Unit at (417) 859-2532.

If you are aware of a Food Code violation, please register a complaint with the Health Unit by mail or phone call to initiate a follow up investigation. Complaint forms can be found here.

Inspection results of food establishments within Webster County can be viewed in the Marshfield Mail newspaper.