Administrator Welcome

Welcome to the Webster County Health Unit online. It’s our hope that you’ll find information on our website that will help you make the best possible decision about your health.

Our staff works hard every day to preserve and protect public health in our community. This doesn’t mean providing medical care to individuals who are sick. Our focus is on standing upstream and teaching, protecting and empowering people so that they don’t get sick. This way we can protect individuals’ health and more effectively protect our entire community.

By providing vaccinations, offering nutrition education, ensuring clean water and safe food, and providing screening and testing services, we are confident residents in our community will have an opportunity to make their lives healthier.

We are continually making changes in order to serve our community better, but our outstanding customer service and commitment to our mission continue with the same fervency our staff have shown since 1957. We hope you’ll stop by the Health Unit to learn more about us, and to utilize the services we offer members of our community.

Scott Allen, Administrator