Current Career Opportunities

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The Webster County Health Unit is currently recruiting for a Business Manager and an Environmental Public Health Specialist. If you think you’re the perfect fit for one of the careers described below, please send you resume to

Environmental Public Health Specialist

Primary Purpose:

Performs professional and technical work in promoting and protecting community environmental health and in implementing and enforcing environmentally influenced public health laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Examples of Work:

  • Performs a variety of inspections relating to environmental health programs, including individual water and sewage systems; food sanitation; food and waterborne disease prevention and outbreak investigation; child care facility sanitation and safety; commercial lodging sanitation and safety; zoonotic disease control; environmental public health factors related to disaster response and/or transportation accidents; environmental epidemiology programs concerning toxic and hazardous chemicals and their risk assessment and building related illnesses.
  • Conducts field inspections and evaluations concerning the application of public health practices designed to prevent disease and promote environmental and community health, life safety and consumer protection.
  • Conducts field investigations and epidemiological studies of food or waterborne disease outbreaks or environmental health hazards.
  • Inspects construction and maintenance of individual water well construction and individual sewage treatment systems.
  • Collects food samples, water, or wastewater for bacteriological or chemical analysis; collects other samples for analysis as needed.
  • Inspects food service establishments, retail food stores, food manufacturers, and distributors to determine compliance with environmental public health laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to their operation.
  • Inspects food venues at temporary events, mobile food units and Farmer’s Markets to determine compliance with environmental public health laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to their operation.
  • Investigates complaints involving possible environmental public health law violations; prepares reports with recommendations for corrective measures and conducts follow-up investigations.
  • Inspects public and private facilities, such as childcare facilities; sewage treatment; waste disposal; vector control; swimming pool operation and other related environmental hazards.
  • Provides technical advice to officials, property owners, and operators of plants and business establishments regarding environmental public health regulations, requirements, policies and programs.
  • Performs other related work as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Intermediate knowledge of the principles, practices and terminology of environmental health as related to public health.
  • Intermediate knowledge of bacteriology, chemistry, physics, and other sciences as applied to environmental health.
  • Intermediate knowledge of relationships of environmental conditions to the general level of public and occupational health.
  • Intermediate knowledge of environmental health laws, ordinances, regulations, requirements, and policies.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, staff, and partner agencies.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and deliver presentations for the promotion of environmental health.
  • Attends conferences, workshops, and seminars as requested for professional development purposes.
  • Maintains professionalism and client confidentiality.


  •  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university in one of the following areas of study: biology, chemistry, bacteriology, food science, soil science, sanitary science, environmental health, or in a closely related field, and,
  • Candidates will be given preference who can demonstrate two years of professional or technical experience in environmental fields as listed above.
  • Must possess a valid Missouri Motor Vehicle Operator’s license, good driving record, auto insurance and reliable transportation.
  • Subject to emergency call in.

Physical Requirements:

Perform bending, kneeling, sorting, and twisting; reach to both ground level and overhead; hold and grip objects; lift up to approximately 50 pounds.

Working Environment:

Indoors and outdoors; subject to extreme weather conditions when conducting field work; subject to chemical hazards associated with food service establishment cleaning supplies and methamphetamine residue; possible exposure to diseases due to contact with symptomatic and asymptomatic patients; subject to strong fumes and odors.


Primary Purpose:

Coordinate business related functions of the Webster County Health Unit according to the strategic plan and agency policies as established by the Board of Trustees while being committed to improving the health and well-being of our residents through education, preparedness, care, and prevention.


Under the supervision of the Administrator.

Examples of Work:

●    Serve as the human resources generalist for the Health Unit. Participate in onboarding and offboarding process of employees.

●    Ensure policies are in place and compliant with local, state, and federal regulations that are appropriately documented and presented to staff.

●    Prepare and present regular reports to the Board of Trustees and Administrator regarding financial status and program costs, according to agency by-laws and other applicable regulations or statutes. Keep the Administrator informed of matters of concern or interest.

●    Prepare budget recommendations and justifications for the Administrator, monitor expenditures within the budget, requisitions supplies and equipment. Prepare and present regular reports to the Administrator regarding relevant items that affect the Health Unit. With the Administrator, draft annual budget according to state statutes and submit to Board of Trustees in a timely manner.

●    Maintain awareness of program costs and staff utilization. Assure costs are within allocated budget.

●    Work with the Executive Administrative Assistant to manage financial resources cost effectively in order to maximize staffing to support programs and activities and purchase of supplies, equipment, and contractual services.

●   Assure compliance with state and federal contracts, and private and foundation-supported grants. Attend meetings that are required by these contracts and agreements.

●   Submit reports and audits accurately and in a timely manner.

●    Assure compliance with state and federal laws.

●    Assure compliance with personnel policies and procedures of the Health Unit.  Comply with these policies as an employee of the Health Unit.

●    Must remain current on public health practice standards and competencies. Maintain involvement in public health organizations.

●    Assist in coordination with external payor sources (contracts, insurance providers, governmental reimbursement programs).

●    Coordinate staff insurance, payroll, and other employee benefit programs.

●    Work collaboratively with Health Unit leadership to apply for a variety of grants and financial support that will benefit the health unit in serving the needs of the community through a variety of mechanisms and support program completion.

●    Monitor grant budgets and ensure that monies are properly allocated and utilized.

●    Serve as the liaison with outside vendors and coordinate the agencies IT and insurance coverage needs.

●    Assist with employee concerns as appropriate.

●    Perform other work as assigned by Administrator.


 ●   Must have strong written and verbal communications skills.

●    Have ability function effectively in a professional, multi-cultural work place.

●    Have knowledge of diversity, culturally sensitive concepts, harassment and anti-discriminatory behaviors.

  • Ability to work well with others.

●    Have ability to exercise good judgment and decision-making.

 ●   Must have valid Missouri Driver’s License and be able to provide own transportation if necessary. Must provide proof of current automobile insurance coverage.

●   Have ability to work flexible hours, including evening and weekends when needed to support programs and activities of the Health Unit.

Education and Experience:

●    Graduation from a two-year college or university with specialization in public, business, or healthcare administration; and at least one year of responsible professional or technical experience in the field of business or healthcare administration.


●    Three years of responsible professional experience in the field of healthcare, public, or business administration or closely related fields.


●    Experience as a human resources generalist.

●   Experience in healthcare insurance / 3rd party payor billing.

●   Experience utilizing the Quickbooks accounting platform.

Physical Requirements:

Perform bending, kneeling, sorting, and twisting; reach to both ground level and overhead; hold and grip objects; lift up to approximately 30 pounds.

Working Environment:

Indoors with heating and cooling regulated; possible exposure to diseases due to contact with symptomatic and asymptomatic patients; subject to strong fumes and odors. In times of public health emergencies, may be called upon to assist outside of normal office environment.